The No Sell 
School Fundraiser

Tired of the same old fundraiser? We were too! That’s why we created Raise Craze. Make the change to something unique, fun,
and meaningful all without selling. Best part? You’ll keep 90% PLUS!

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Make It Easy

Our easy-to-use online platform makes it easy for schools to raise money. Get your first donation in as little as 5 minutes!


No Pressure. No Selling. Just Kindness. 

Raise Craze is an online platform enabling students to set up secure, custom websites where they request donations via email. During the fundraiser, students go out and pay it forward by completing Acts of Kindness for others. Spend time serving not selling!
Oh, and the best part? Your school KEEPS at least 90%. 
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Maximize Profits

Our low fee structure enables you to earn more AND keep more: 90% PLUS! 
NO down payments,
 NO contracts.

Cultivate Kindness

Our fundraiser is about giving back and learning the value of gratitude. During the fundraiser, students give back by helping their community.

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What Schools Are Saying About Us

“Raise Craze is the next BIG THING! The kindness movement is real and 
has continued well after our fundraiser ended."

Augusta Circle Elementary
3rd Year, SC
Raised Over $69,400
Kept Over $65,600

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“We absolutely LOVED our results from Raise Craze. It was so much more than the monetary piece, which would have been reason enough to switch from a national fun run company. With Raise Craze, we kept 97% compared to 50%." 

Rucker Elementary
1st Year, TX
Raised Over $44,500
Kept Over $43,200

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