The No Sell, Flexible, 
Social-Distancing Approved Fundraiser

In these uncertain times, Raise Craze makes it easy to keep moving forward by giving you complete flexibility. Whether students are back in the classroom or virtual this fall, reach your fundraising goals with kindness. 
No obligation. No down payments. No contracts. No risk. 
Keep 90% PLUS guaranteed!


Start planning now -- make changes anytime! With no contracts, down payments or cancellation fees, there’s no risk.


The Right Fundraiser for Right Now

Raise Craze is an online platform enabling participants to set up secure, custom websites from anywhere! During the fundraiser, participants request donations via email, then pay it forward by completing social-distancing approved Acts of Kindness.
Oh, and to top it all off? You'll KEEP at least 90%. 
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Our Acts of Kindness are 
social-distancing approved to ensure that your students stay safe while making the world a better place.


Now more than ever, it’s important to keep the majority of your earnings. We guarantee that you'll 
keep 90% PLUS!

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What People Are Saying About Us

“I have overwhelmingly received great feedback from parents, teachers and students alike - ALL have loved this fundraising experience!”

Holy Souls School
2nd Year, AK
Raised Over $76,700
Kept Over $71,900 (94%)

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"The staff and school administration have been so pleased to see the extra effort students have been putting in to being kind, even after Raise Craze is over.  Thank you, Raise Craze!"

Baker Elementary
2nd Year, TX
Raised Over $64,700
Kept Over $59,000 (92%)